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Our Services

Nowadays we have more than 200 direct employees and more than 500 indirect employees, who following our policies, contribute to offer a comprehensive service, with high value engineering, with software and first-world equipment to achieve the highest satisfaction to our clients. This has allowed us to position in the industry as one of the main Steel Constructors in Mexico, being leaders in the automotive industry, having great domain in the industrial and commercial industries, as well as entering successfully in different industries such as vertical building and the waterproofing and insulation systems.


We have our structural design area specialized in steel construction, who are capable of solving and develop the optimum solution for each type of project. The design assistance we offer includes activities such as:

- Innovative ideas and costs savings
- Building Information Modeling to perform the disciplines’ crossing in REVIT
- Basic engineering design including connections


This service has become EMYCSA´s biggest differentiator, because we offer in each project the capacity to provide improvement options and technical solutions in complex projects which end up in good performance and the fulfillment of the client´s requirements in the face of challenges which not every supplier accepts.


Is one of the most important aspects in the development of a project, because it´s right here were materials are optimized, and the transformation of the client´s vision takes place into a real and tangible structure. Our detail engineering department ensures everything is according to the project´s specifications for the development of shop and erection drawings.

For the detailing process leading edge software are used: TEKLA and AutoCad which generates fast response, adherence to commitment, and guarantees the schedule accomplishment.


The commitment we have with quality makes that one of our characteristics as a steel structure construction company, are our delivery times.

Our team of collaborators from the construction and safety areas, are highly trained and certified personnel that work together to ensure the assembly process is developed according to the detail project planification, in which the weekly advances can be seen by the implementation of Microsoft Project.


Strategic Division
In the roofing engineering department a unique solution has been developed and standardized in the metallic roofs installation, for it we have elaborated our own installation manual registered by IMPI and supported with solutions that guarantee airtightness and functionality of each roof.